The Star Trek Toy Collection

The Ships          
South Bend Enterprise     Playmates Romulan Bird of Prey    
Playmates Galileo Shuttle Craft          
Hallmark Enterprise Ornament #1 1991          
Hallmark Galileo Ornament #2 1992
Hear the voice of Mr. Spock
Enterprise mini ship        
Pewter Enterprise Hot Wheels 2013 Enterprise        
Illusive Originals 1998 Spock Statue. 19 7/8" Tall by 23" wide.  weighs 21 lbs. #271 odf 7,500 produced. Cold cast resin, hand applied paints and gold leaf. Artist Mario Chiodo          
Illusive Originals Brochure          
Hallmark 2014 Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu     Funco Captain Kirk Andorian Spock Gorn Bobble Head Set Spock Wall poster  
Mego Captain Kirk Figurine Mego Scotty Figurine Mego Spock figurine Somewhat dismembered Mego Mccoy figurine    
Other Star Trek Collectibles          
Paramount Star Trek Lives Medal 1976 Bazooka Wax Pack with cards and gum. Spock Collectible glass.  only in theaters. Star Trek Tribble 2001 by the Idea Factory.  Battery operated. Coos and vibrates upon impact. Fathers Favorite toy. Star Trek 3-d Mouse Pad.  
Star Trek 1991 Interplay MS-Dos Game with 5 1/4" floppy disks. 25th Anniversary Edition.     Mego Star Trek Bridge    
Collector Watch Christmas Tree Lights with Star Trek Scenes enterprise and Shuttle Craft Salt and Pepper Shakers Enterprise Funtastic Desk Lamp    
Star Trek The Telephone by Telemania Star Trek The Hamilton Collection Presents The Movies Plate by Morgan Star Trek IV "The Voyage Home" 1994