About the Collector

We have always been a TV family and watched Elvira, MSFT3000, Twighlight Zone, Outer Limits, Star Trek, Time TunnelI and any Science Fiction movie that came on. One of my favorites being Forbidden planet. I have been collecting Star Trek Memoribilia since the 1976 Convention in New York City that I attended with my Brother Glenn and the collection just kept on grownig.

My speciality turned out to be Gold Key Comic Books from the Original Star Trek Series. Not only are there Whitman Variants, but also Price, Color and Back Cover variants as well as  foreign reprints. My goal was to collect and document these on the web as many of these comics were not recognized by CGC and hence not in any of the price guides.

Yes, some of my items are for sale.  Just ask and feel free to embarrass me with money.

If you want to add your items to the Display, please email a picture of them and description to info@startrektrekie.com

John Alexander